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Chronology of the scientific activity

Institute of Machine mechanics was founded in the 1959 year in the group of Georgian Scientific Academy as a Engineering Institute. see history

Sphere of scientific activity

With foundation of the institute, the subject of studies was and remains the processes occurring in the engines of internal combustion, calculation of diesel and carburettor engines for high mountain condition, Mathematical modeling and calculation of dynamical loadings and shocking forces in the machine units and elements.

In the sphere of physics, engineering, vibration technique, new materials and creation-usage of technological processes, dozens of grants were obtained by institute employees on the contests of georgian national scientific fonds, UNTC, UNTC and other international competitions. Grants

Dozens of monographs and manuals are published by employees of institute, have received many patents on a discovery, have taken part in the many international conferences, have published hundreds of scientific articles in a regional and foreign magazines, among them in a impact factor magazines. see aplication

At the period of existence institute were fulfilled the works and obtained significant results as they are:
Turbo-blow (inflate) in diesel and carbureted engines. Finding ways of improving their power, economical and ecological characteristics; Investigation of machines units and elements onto reliability and longevity

The Development of the engineering methods of the determination of striking power and dynamic loads in units and nodes of the machines

Improvement technologies of the developments of the metal by means of pressure and creation to new designs of the installations

Vibrational technique, mathematical modeling and calculation of the dynamically loaded machine parts, protection of operator from dangerous vibration and noise,investigation of bio-mechanical systems and so on.

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